The weather this week got much better so Charlie, Chavier and I had many nice walks and because they are just great and listen really well I let them of their leash every time we go for a long walk. They just love it and I can see how happy they are. I am happy how well they are growing and sometimes I can’t believe how small they were when we brought them home. Thea are 21 weeks old now.

On the 28th of October was my birthday. I celebrated at home with my tree boys. We had a lovely evening and ordered some pizzas. So I am one year more grown up J.

On Friday was my podcast recording day and I recorded and edited  the first Knitting with Katka podcast by myself. It is always fun doing it with Kryštof but I have to say I really liked recording my podcast on my own. I think I will do my podcast like this every week and sometimes I will have one with Kryštof.

On my podcast I talked about a finished object, works in progress and some cast-on.

My only finished object for the last week were my Fishtail wristwarmers . Really, I only had to weave in some ends and soak and block them. To block them I made myself a pair of blockers. I used some cardboard I cut into shape and wrapped it in some cling film. Just like I have done with my hat blocker. It worked really well and I was pleased with the result.

My work in progress –I night have said that it was cast-on on the podcast 🙂 — are my green socks knitted using Simple Skyp Socks pattern. One is finished and now just one to go.

My next work in progress is Cypress Tunic . It is growing really fast and looking really great.

The only cast on I really have had was my Featherweight Cardigan . I am truly excited about this project. For a while I wanted to cast on a Cosy  Memories Blanket but I wasn’t sure if I will use it a lot and just somehow I wasn’t  excited enough about it to actually start knitting it. And then it came to me that what I could do is to cast on a Cosy Memories Featherweight Cardigan. I loved the idea and started the project strait away. The only thing that bothers me is that I got into knitting it so much I didn’t work on the Cypres tunic as much as I should. For the next week I already prepared some things I would like to sew. I have chosen some fabrics from my stash and pair them up with some fabrics I want to use as linings.

It will be a busy week.


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