Another week has gone really fast. The weather is little warmer and rainy but we still enjoy are walks with Chavier and Charlie. My little shelties are growing so fast. They are really good and clever. I have not knitted that much this week but I have been busy with some other things.

Works in progress:

  • Cypress tunic – the front is on the needles
  • Featherweight cardigan no knitting done on this cardigan this week. Like I said this is a long term project.

New cast-ons:

  • Simple socks – I casted on another simple pair of self-patterning socks. There is newer too many and really never enough of simple knitted socks. I casted them on to have a project I can take with me when I travel and managed to knit half of the first one. I am using Drops Fabel in heather 674 colourway. I love this yarn. I am using 2,5 mm needles.
  • Panes and leaves hatby Elspeth Campbell – I have casted this on and done nearly 2 inches of the ribbing. The pattern is really lovely and because I really wanted another fingering weigh hat this seem to be the right choice. I am knitting it in Drops Alpaca mix light brown 607 colourway. I changed a needle sizes compare to ones suggested in the pattern and I am using 2 mm needles for the ribbing and 2,5 mm for the rest of the hat.
  • Baby Sweater – this sweater is in size 6 – 9 months. It is top down raglan and I am not using a pattern. I am really making it as I go. It will be very simple and should be a quick knit. I am using really thick yarn and size 7 mm needles.

Finished Projects:

  • Cowl – this was A cowl to go with the Graham hat I have knitted. It was just 1×1 ribbing and and about 7 inches tall. Just to use up the yarn.


  • My drop spindle has arrived and I just can’t get enough of the spinning. I love it. The spindle is very basic but I found it to be just perfect for learning to spin. I have got some nice fibre as well. I have some corriedale in 3 different shades of undyed grey-brown colours and some died fibre in blown-pink-blue-purple mix. I have some merino as well but as it is much softer and thinner I will try it later. Spinning is really my new favourite thing. I still have to find out what to do with the yarn once it is done. But for now I am happy spinning.



I have cut out some more project bags in some Christmas fabrics. Than I have decided to experiment with what thickness of the interfacing I want to use. I’ve made one with quite thick interfacing and one with thinner interfacing. They are both really good and at the end my decision is to use something in between these two. I need to order some of it and then I will be sewing whole lot of them.

It was a busy week but I hope I have even more time for crafting the next one.


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