Time seem to fly by and suddenly it is the middle of January. Since the last podcast I have been knitting a lot on one project but I have a lot of new plans for this year. I am looking forward to knit many lovely things. I have some plans to record more videos about knitting which I know will be a lot of fun.

Works in progress:

  • Cypress tunic – I have done one armhole but wasn’t sure about it. The second one I casted on with 4 more stitches and I like this one much more. So frogging the first one and redoing it will be my next step. Than just the neck line and done. I will do my best to finish it. Hopefully!
  • Panes and leaves hat by Elspeth Campbell – haven’t done anything on it. I like the pattern so I know I will finish is sometimes.

New cast-ons:

  • Neon Ski Bonnet by Lacey Volk – This bonnet is just my thing. I love the yarn I am using and the pattern and knitting it as well. I have chosen Drops Nepal Mix yarn in orange (2920) and medium brown (612) colourways. I am using 5 mm needles.
  • Baby Cable Yoke Jacket by Kyoko Nakazoshi – I was asked to knit a cardigan for my niece for her birthday. I have chosen this pattern and am really happy about it. It has very interesting construction. I am knitting it in two colours. The yarn I am using is Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in colourways 9401 and 3.


  • It’s Not About The Hat – Invisible Stranding – I found this pattern (talked about on The Knit Girls podcast) and it should be the answer to my colour work knitting. I didn’t like how the yarn was showing when the strands were twisted at the back.  The pattern for the hat has 12 pages and there are 6 more pages for the technique. A lot of reading. I hope I find some time quite soon to look at it.

I have no finished objects and haven’t done any spinning this week.

I wish you all happy knitting.

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